Down to the River and Up to the Trees

Discover the hidden nature on your doorstep

natural history; nature writing

Cover illustration design by Micaela Alciano ©️ Harper Collins Publishers Ltd 2017

In a stressful, busy world, many of us are turning to nature for a sense of serenity and happiness. While the idea of the wild outdoors is enticing, our hectic lives and location can sometimes make us feel detached from our surroundings. Discover how to connect with the natural world around you wherever you live.

From getting to know the local wildlife, to foraging and creating naturally-sourced masterpieces, Down to the River and Up to the Trees is brimming with practical information, intriguing quotes and inspirational ideas.

Discover how to carve your own spoon, to be able to tell if the moon is waxing or waning, or try forest bathing (surrounding yourself with trees). Learn how to make yourself at home amongst the animals and plants on your doorstep, in harmony with your surroundings. There is space too for you to record your thoughts and findings, whatever shape they take.

**Down to the River and Up to the Trees is one of the 2017 Woodland Books of the Year**

“The message from is clear – get up , get dressed and get out . And take the kids to reconnect with Nature !” Chris Packham, author of Fingers in the Sparkle Jar

“A generous, open-hearted book for our times, full of the sheer joy of discovery.”
Paul Evans, Guardian Country Diarist

“A lovely book, engaging all of your senses like a walk through the woods. There is so much here to enjoy, whether you live in a town house or country cottage.”
Kevin Parr, author of Rivers Run

“A great gift for those hunting for natural inspiration.” Countryfile Magazine

“This guide to rediscovering nature in an overly complex world is a real thing of beauty. Sue Belfrage shows you everything from brewing acorn coffee to making hedgerow jam – all while discovering the countryside on foot.” Country Walking magazine

“If you don’t have a generous, enthusiastic, artist friend to accompany you as you explore the natural world in your neighbourhood be of good heart. Author and artist Sue Belfrage  fits just that description, as does her beautiful little illustrated book-cum-journal.” Living Woods magazine

“A heartening book about how to reconnect with nature for one’s own well-being… written with a warm, light touch, and decorated with attractive illustrations.”  Woodland Awards 2017

Praise for the audiobook:

“Charming…and a relaxing listen” Books, the Universe and Everything (blog)

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