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I am a writer, editor, artist and illustrator living in rural Somerset with my furniture-maker husband and pet animals. Born in Liverpool, I was raised in Sweden for a few years as a child, where I discovered a love of nature before moving back to Britain.

After studying English at university, I carried on my love affair with books and literature by becoming an editor, working for some of the UK’s leading publishing houses. I spent many years with Penguin Random House, where I enjoyed commissioning titles on a wide range of subjects. Today, I am in demand as a freelance editorial consultant, helping publishers and private clients shape their projects.

As well as editing, I enjoy writing and have contributed stories and poetry to a variety of publications. My first book is a work of nonfiction called Down to the River and Up to the Trees, published by HarperCollins UK in June 2017, and I am currently working on a novel.

I also love art, both visiting galleries and creating my own paintings and drawings. Primarily a figurative artist, I find inspiration in the landscape, the natural world and the human form in particular. My artwork features in books including Down to the River and Up to the Trees. You can see a range of my artwork on the art gallery page.